"Every issue contains articles of great interest and literary style, accompanied by striking photography" Gary Gabriel, Upper Nyack

"You have proven that intelligence, taste and dedication to a goal create beautiful results." Molly Mason, Lower Hudson Valley

"What a service you provide for this community. In our down and dirty struggle through the underbrush of life you expose us to the sun and make us feel beautiful." Don Nace, Rockland County

"We feel that your coverage of the Messiah Sing helped us have a wonderful audience." Fredrick Wyman, Nyack

"Your product is a work of art!" It is a real pleasure to read your high quality content."   David Freo, Nyack

" I lived in New Paltz and Gardiner for many years, and Hook makes the region look so inviting again. This is not an easy feat." Harold Clark

"And once again thank you for putting us on the map. So many in our Nyack community nowknow us because of your article." Ginny Borton,  Nyack

"A lovely, informative, entertaining beautiful magazine." Peter Karp, Upper Grandview

I've been a huge fan of your publication for many years. The amazing variety of interesting articles makes Hook Magazine a must read for me. One article in particular had such a heartwarming and inspiring effect on me that I thought I'd share it with you. A number of years ago, a renowned musician was featured by the name of David Van Campen. His story was one of courage and determination, making the difficult decision to change the direction of his life. Instead of a more traditional path, he decided to follow his passion and devote his life to music. What a thrill it was for me to read that one of his career influences was my father, Joe LoCass. I was so proud to learn that my dad, may he rest in peace, was able to help enhance David's musical abilities. I'm sure he is very proud of all that David has accomplished. My special thanks to Hook Magazine for giving me and my family another reason to be so proud!    Joe LoCascio, Westchester